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Plastic free Shampoo, conditioner and shower bars.

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My on-going journey to a plastic-free life meant that I needed to eradicate plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles from my routine.   I played around with some bicarb shampoos and cider vinegar recipes I found online, but I didn't like them. It seemed as though I was using more than necessary and my hair still didn't respond well.   I then tried a few varieties of shampoo bars.  Many of those were worse. They left my hair feeling waxy when it dried.   I tried a bar of ordinary Dove moisturising soap.  The bar lathered well and cleaned my hair thoroughly.  I was, however, worried about 'build-up' from using ordinary soap.  I wasn't happy about not using a conditioner either because my hair often tends towards dryness.
I did some research and contacted a company that hand-made shampoo, conditioner and soap bars with a variety of different essential oils.  I ordered shampoo and conditioner bars from them.  My hair does still feel a little "odd"  (waxy) whilst using the shampoo bar but that disappears when I use the conditioning bar.  My hair feels silky even as I use the conditioning bar. Once dried my hair is beautifully soft and tangle free.  The bar initially seemed small but when using it I realised that it would be difficult to comfortably hold a larger one.   It's size fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.  The bars last a very long time.  I have 3 shampoo and 3 conditioner bars (with different scents/essential oils).  I've been using them since June (it's now February the 4th) and I'm only about half way through the bars.   My hair seems thicker. Surprisingly, I'm no-longer losing as much hair to the shower-drain and comb.  Once upon a time I had to clear the plug hole of hair after every shower.  No more.  My hair is also no longer dry!  It may not always be neat but it is really soft and silky.  
I now stock the hair products that I use in our shop:
Whenever possible these bars are despatched in recycled, plastic free packaging.
I've not used a plastic bottle of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel since I saw "War on Plastic" in June 2019.   I now use an ordinary soap bar in a sisal soap bag (see pic) instead of shower gel (the soap bag has a good exfoliating effect).   Sisal is natural plant fibre from the Agave plant. The bag is machine washable (I chuck it in with the towels).   Sometimes I use either Dove or Castille soap but more recently my friend Suzanne gifted me a gorgeous strawberry soap bar and two vanilla soap bars to try (she made them herself). I also buy hand-made soap bars but they still work out cheaper than shower gel (because of how long they last).  We've got some lovely bars of soap in our shop (link is above).  
I now use shampoo and conditioning bars instead of plastic bottles of the same.  I currently have cedar. lemon and rose/lavender/grapefruit shampoo and conditioning bars (all available in our shop, link provided above).  The lemon bars and the cedar bars are my favourites.  Once a week I treat my hair by smothering it in olive, almond, avocado or hemp oil for a few hours and then I wash it normally afterwards.  I've bought all the afore-mentioned oils in glass bottles from Tesco, except almond oil.  The almond oil I bought in a glass bottle from Amazon.  
I've found the bars far more convenient for when I travel.  They take less space up in my bag (and bathroom).  They weigh a lot less.  There's no chance of leaks.  I don't have a regular soap dish for my hair bars.  I prefer to dry them out on a clean flannel after use and then pop them back into an old plastic box I have (from my pre-plastic conscience days).  The change has saved me money, improved my hair, been far easier to travel with and the real bonus is that I'm not polluting the planet with single use plastic bottles any more.
Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists today.  I don't want to add to the problem by creating more.  I don't want my future grandchildren to suffer because I selfishly continued to use something that I know is poisoning this planet.  I choose protect my future grandchildren.   I choose to say "no" to single use plastic.
NB the photos show the shampoo/conditioning/hand soap (shower gel) bars that I'm currently using.  There are also pics of my hair.  My hair is longer at the back than it is at the front.  The photo's show my hair wet, dried naturally (with slight curls) and straightened.  I don't use a hair dryer.  I use hair straighteners no more than once a week.