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Our New (to us) Friend ~ Great Uncle Bulgaria ~ Leader of the Wimbledon Wombles

I'd like to introduce you to Great Uncle Bulgaria.  He's a Womble.  We recently found him on eBay.  He truly has been pre-loved because he is in fabulous condition for his age!
Great Uncle Bulgaria is the leader or head of the Wimbledon Warren of Wombles.  So, like me he's a Londoner that now resides in Yorkshire (I've lived here for more than 28 years).  Thanks to modern technology (which he is slowly learning to accept and master) he can stay in daily contact with the Wombles of his Warren.
The Wombles are furry, pointy nosed creatures created by Elizabeth Beresford.
Wombles are fabulous creatures.  They try to help the environment by collecting rubbish and then using it in interesting and inventative ways.  Wonderful role models for us!
Their motto is "make good use of bad rubbish".  They were recycling long before society had any idea how important it was.
There were 5 novels and a short story collection written about the Wombles.  They also appeared on TV in a very popular series in the 1970s ... and again in the 1990s.
Our new friend's full name is Bulgaria Coburg Womble but everyone just knows him as Great Uncle Bulgaria.  He's very old, although no-one knows his exact age.  He's somewhere between a hundred and eternity.
Uncle Bulgaria can be gruff and strict when he needs to be but really does have a kind, loving heart.  The other Wombles all look up to him and believe, due to his great age, that he knows everything.  He is greatly respected by all for his age and vast experience.
So, we are honoured that he has decided to come and stay with us a while.  He heard about our intention to live a more thoughtful and environmentally friendly lifestyle and graciously agreed to come and advise us.  He's now firmly a part of the family and will be accompanying us on our travels!

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